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Thursday, December 16th, 2004
3:51 pm
The Bacchae
Why they all fear the Seven Leaves.

We all come from different backgrounds. We have Humans, half Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Nymph’s, Satyrs, Dragon, and Demons, but we all have one thing in common, we are all Bacchae.
The Bacchae are entities infused with the spirit of a Bacchanalian revel. We never stay in one place for very long, descending upon a location like the wind and leaving destruction and chaos in our wake. (NYRF, Pennsic, Qxt’s and any party we hit). Anyone who revels with the Bacchae risks becoming one as well. Over the course of a long evening of dancing, drinking, and carousing, the spirit of Dionysus may take over the beguiled individual and transform him/her into a new member of the band.
We rarely attack strangers outright, first seeking to lure newcomers with offers of wine, women and song. We do not hesitate to use our charms to lure victims into our fun. Anyone who joins a band of Bacchae in there debauchery, whether voluntarily or through the beguilement of the Bacchae’s spell like abilities, must have a strong will or lose all track of time and start carousing alongside the Bacchae.
A victim ensnared by our debauchery will not willingly leave us. Anyone who joins our merry little band will abandon their previous lifestyle, gains all the abilities of the Bacchae.

Bacchae Society

Bacchae travel in groups and are never found singly. A Bacchae band can see no purpose or need beyond its own revelry. While Bacchae are rarely cruel or malevolent, they can be exceedingly careless of other people’s property and lives. Bacchae are on good terms with all sorts of Fey such as dryads, satyrs, and sprites. Centaurs and hardier elves are also common among the Bacchae revels. Most other beings are considered “free game” for the Bacchae to taunt, challenge, drink with, or kill outright. Musicians, brewers, and vintners are usually spared.
Bacchae take a dim view of any authority figure or group that tries to impose any sort of rules on their debauched lifestyle.

So the question is…have you been taken in by the Bacchae?

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Thursday, December 2nd, 2004
6:55 pm
Salvage For Sale!!!!
Attention all Crew!

Amber is selling the following for $500.00 We are picking it up this
weekend. We would like everyone who comes to pennsic or to our
gathers to pitch in what they can towards this purchase. This is CLAN
PROPERTY. No one person owns it. This will be for group use only.

ok its a 12x18 panther pavillion marquis, all the poles, all painted
dark green.

4 of the wrought iron additions, two go around the main poles, and
two go on the side poles

a set of bars that go between the side poles that we use to hang
interior sheet walls off of.

the second "tent" is only a top pavillion, 8x8, the poles also are
green. this part is not in the best condition, this was the smaller
full marquis tent that marc put away wet and the sides rotted. So I
cut the sides off and kept just the roof, however it does match the

plus 2-3 wrought iron teekie tourches, and a really nice wrought iron
candle holder that is about 5 ft tall, love that thing

a huge selection of rugs -- I think i have 3-4 5x7 green ones

plus two big blue ones.

one of the bed boxes, this one is 12" high and 7ftx7ft, made of 5/8"
ply wood - incredibly sturdy, breaks down flat in peices, and can be
used to store stuff under, put your bed on, and still have space
around the edges to sit.

plus one of the double folding chairs, one of the low light break
apart camp chairs, a kids chair, and a brand new kids wagon, one of
the flyer ones with the extra large wheels all wood and removable

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6:54 pm
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